Yellowstone Films

The Amazing American Stone Carver and Wildlife Sculptor Steve Kestrel

– produced for Todd Wilkinson / Mountain Journal
American stone carver Steve Kestrel, one of the most acclaimed contemporary nature artists in the world, is featured in this short video. Kestrel speaks about co-existence with wildlife (including mountain lions in his own backyard!), the inspiration behind his work and meeting the legendary painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

The Story of Burke Park (aka Pete’s Hill)

– produced for Gallatin Valley Land Trust
Walk along Burke Park trail with Stephen Johnson of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust as he converses with Daniel J. Smith of Earthtalk Studios. Learn about the history of Burke Park (AKA Pete’s Hill), and the mission and vision of the Land Trust. We are excited to announce that this Earthtalk Video won a 2008 Gold Montana Addy Award.

Butte Montana: A Mile High and a Mile Deep

produced for Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mineral Museum
This video, originally designed for display in a kiosk at the Butte Mineral Museum, shares the town that Butte, Montana once was, and the conditions that made Butte possible. It explains the geology of Butte and its minerals in-depth and talks about Butte’s cultural and social diversity. This video is part of the Earthtalk Studios, now Oolite Media LLC, portfolio.

Skiing the Blaze

produced for Earthtalk Studios
This documentary follows an expedition of skiers into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness of Montana to ski a summer snow field in the Spanisk Peaks. The geology of the area is described as the skiers trek to the summit for the exciting descent.

The Sheepeaters: Keepers of the Past

produced as a documentary film
The Sheepeater Indians, an offshoot of the Shoshone tribe, lived in small bands in the mountains in and around the Yellowstone Plateau. The film explores references in the literature as well as archaeological evidence of the Sheepeaters.

People of the Hearth: Paleoindians of the Northern Rockies

produced for Museum of the Rockies
Produced for Dr. Les Davis, Curator of Anthropology and Archaeology at the Museum of the Rockies.  This film tells the story of Barton Gulch, a 9400 year old paleoindian site in southwestern Montana.

Earliest Life: Museum of the Rockies

produced for Museum of the Rockies
Produced with Yellowstone microbiology researcher Dave Ward, this short documentary tells the story of early life on earth.

Come Walk With Me

produced for Walkin’ Jim Stoltz
Walkin’ Jim Stoltz was a dedicated environmental messenger.  We spent three days filming this long-form music video with a group of kids in the Spanish Peaks just northwest of Big Sky, Montana.

Skiing Bear Basin, Big Sky, Montana

Earthtalk documentary film
Bear Basin is a popular backcountry ski near Big Sky, Montana.  Produced by Daniel Smith, the film reminisces about the early days of modern telemark skiing.

Yellowstone Safari Virtual Winter

produced for Yellowstone Safari Company
Yellowstone Safari Company is the premiere backcountry guide company in and around Yellowstone National Park.  The video follows master guide Ken Sinay on a stunning winter day in Yellowstone viewing wolves, bison and elk in the “Serengetti of North America,” Lamar Valley.

Floyd DeWitt Sculptor

produced for Floyd DeWitt
Floyd DeWitt is a world-renowned classical sculptor.  In this fascinating interview, Todd Wilkinson interviews DeWitt and takes the viewer on a journey into the mind of the sculptor, and a tour of his eclectic studio.

Milankovich and the Ice Age Problem

produced for Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
This was a museum video that we created for the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and the Wasco County Historical Museum in the mid-90s. It’s a short documentary describing the Milankovich Cycle and the potential effects on the Pleistocene glaciation.

Exploring the Bottom of Yellowstone Lake

produced by Earthtalk Studios
In 1994, a team from the Center for Great Lakes Studies was contracted to explore the thermal features on the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. Using a remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), they discovered never-before-seen thermal features in Yellowstone Lake including a thermal tube garden made of glass and underwater geysers.