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Book Trailer: Spillover
- produced for David Quammen
David Quammen recently published the real science thriller, Spillover. We helped him create a dramatic trailer that would evoke the gravity of the subject.
Detention Center
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Skiing the Blaze
- produced by Daniel Joseph Smith
Join a group of backcountry skiiers tackling a coveted summer ski in the Spanish Peaks of south-central Montana.
Gibson Guitar
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Skiing Bear Basin, Big Sky Montana
- produced by Daniel Joseph Smith
Beehive and Bear Basins on the southern flank of the Spanish Peaks are picturesque high mountain valleys with stunning scenery and wildlife. This winter day trip enters Beehive Basin and crosses the divide to Bear Basin and a ski out the north fork of the Gallatin River.
Yellowstone Safari
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Documentary: Yellowstone Safari Virtual Winter
- produced for Yellowstone Safari Company
Yellowstone Safari Company is the premiere backcountry guide company in and around Yellowstone National Park. The video follows master guide Ken Sinay on a stunning winter day in in the "Serengetti of North America."
Music Video
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Music Video: Jim Averitt - Saffire
- produced for Jim Averitt
Singer-songwriter Jim Averitt wanted to create a simple, folksy music video for his new song Saffire. What better backdrop than downtown Bozeman, Montana.